Testing Prescribed Transactions Reports (PTRs)

The process for testing PTRs submitted via the B2B and XML Upload channels (automation) is different from testing PTRs submitted manually (via the online forms for Large Cash Transactions and International Fund Transfers).

Please select the appropriate process to ensure you have the correct information.

1. Testing Automated Reports (B2B and XML Upload)

Reporting entities preparing to submit reports via the B2B and XML Upload channels are required to submit sample test files into the test environment prior to submitting reports into the production (live) environment.

In the test environment, files will be subject to schema validation and selected files will then be manually reviewed by the FIU Compliance Team. This process is to assist reporting entities to achieve future compliance.

Note, the URL for the B2B test environment is different from the XML Upload.

Preparing to Test

Before testing in the New Zealand Police test environment, we recommend reporting entities test within their own environment using sample test XML reports.

Example (test) XML Files

Real data must not be submitted to the test environment (only test data can be used).  Sample files will need to be created for testing. 

Reporting entities will need to either obfuscate data or create sample test files that reflect accurate PTRs – an International Fund Transfer (IFT) and/or Large Cash Transaction (LCT).  Please use test data that accurately reflects real data e.g. first name is entered as John not abcdefg.

Example PTR files are available to help reporting entities create well-structured sample XML files for the purpose of testing. The example XML files need to be referred to in conjunction with the PTR Data Schema (Dictionary) and goAML Schema (XSD) to ensure the correct and complete data is being submitted in the sample files.  Email goamlconsult@police.govt.nz for a copy of these documents.

Reporting entities are also able to download an XML file from reports submitted into goAML via the online forms for IFTs and LCTs (please note, the URL for the web test environment is different from the B2B URL).

Testing in the Test Environment (B2B and XML Upload)

There are three key stages of testing. 

Testing Automated PTRs - Support Documentation

Email goamlconsult@police.govt.nz for a copy of the following documents.

Testing Automated PTRs (Related Documents) Document Description
Test Guide (XML Upload and B2B) Provides information to assist reporting entities to prepare for testing in the test environment for XML upload and B2B channels.
PTR Example Files (v.14) Provides International Funds Transfers (IFTs) and Large Cash Transactions (LCT) XML files for reporting entities to use as reference.
Creating Test Users (XML Upload) v1.4

Step-by-step instructions for setting up users to access the test environment.

Note, the URLs for the test environments are included in these documents.

Creating Test Users (B2B) v1.4
PTR Report Flow and goAML Messages Outlines the flow of reports in goAML (failed and successful validation) and the messages and emails reporting entities will receive.


2. Testing Reports Manually Submitted (via the Online Forms)

A test environment is also available for reporting entities to test their online Large Cash Transaction (LCT) and International Fund Transfer (IFT) submissions. Please note, the URL for the test environment (for manual submissions) is different to the B2B test environment (URL).

The FIU recommend reporting entities enter sample reports into the test environment.

Sample (Test) Data

Only sample data can be submitted to the New Zealand Police test environment. 

Live data must not be submitted in the test environment.

Example test scenarios for LCTs and IFTs are available (in the Preparing to submit PTRs using the Web Document).  Email goamlconsult@police.govt.nz for a copy.