Child Sex Offender Register launches today

Child Sex Offender Register launches today

Commissioner Mike Bush

Today sees the launch of the Child Sex Offender Register, which will undoubtedly play an important part in helping us keep children safe.

The Register is a dynamic tool that will support a new case management approach, allowing us to monitor changes in an individual offender’s circumstances and respond to any potential increase in risk.

Thanks to all our staff who work with these individuals and to the team who worked so hard over the last three years to put the register together.  This is a great example of a successful cross-agency initiative in the Justice sector.  Thanks to our colleagues in Corrections and Justice for their involvement.

A big thanks from our mates across the ditch

Our staff do great things every day but it’s not every day that our efforts are formally recognised.

It was great to see nine of our officers honoured for their work in support of our Australian friends during the Victorian bush fire disaster in February 2009. Officers who served during that emergency period are eligible for the Australian National Emergency Medal (Victorian Bush Fires 2009).

It was an honour to be with eight of our people as their medals were presented to them by Australian High Commissioner His Excellency Peter Woolcott at the High Commission in Wellington.  A ninth medal was presented in absentia.

It’s heartening to see how police jurisdictions stand together when help is needed. We’ll never forget the support we received from Australia and elsewhere after the Christchurch earthquakes. Congratulations to all involved.

PNHQ Awards Ceremony

The breadth and depth of policing was evident at Police National Headquarters this week when I presented 34 awards recognising Long Service and Good Conduct, investigative skill, a promotion certificate and an overseas deployment.

The Awards Ceremony saw 28 Long Service and Good Conduct Awards presented to Constabulary and Employee staff, ranging from 14 to 28 years’ service. They included people working in areas supporting IT, mobility, forensics and high-tech crime through to prevention, response and operations, investigations and strategy.

Helping our Queensland mates also featured, with four staff receiving the G20 Citation issued by Queensland to 212 NZ Police staff who were deployed to Brisbane for last year’s summit.

Keep up the good work

I’m pleased to see that our drive to attend 100% of all home burglaries is gaining momentum.

A snapshot of dwelling burglaries attended by Police in September 2016 shows staff have been present at 90 percent of reported incidents. This is a great improvement on our estimate of 70 percent prior to our revised approach.

Of course, it would be better if burglaries never happened in the first place. To help the public keep themselves and their properties safe we’ve just launched our Home Safety Checklist. It’s a simple online tool the public can use to improve the safety of their home.

Advice is tailored to the individual, meaning they’ll only get the advice they need.  You can find the checklist at

New NYPD Commissioner

Last week I met with James O’Neill, the new New York Police Department Commissioner, when he travelled down under.  James is a man of real gravitas and is the first operational commander appointed as the NYPD Commissioner. 

With 33 years as a police officer, it was interesting to hear that his plan for the future involves deepening the NYPD’s partnerships with the community.

That’s all for this week. Until next time, stay safe.


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