Crimestoppers creates new flow of information

Crimestoppers creates new flow of information

Howard Broad, Police Commissioner

I was deeply saddened to hear on Monday night that Aisling Symes' body had been found.

It was devastating for her family, for my officers who had worked so hard to find her, and for the community who had helped in every way they could think of.
The inquiry team was inundated with information from concerned people.
That's the beauty of policing in this country. New Zealanders have a good record of helping Police solve serious crime and incidents by coming forward with what they know.
As we saw with the investigation into Aisling's disappearance, information is the lifeblood of policing.
But sometimes, people who know most about a crime don't feel able to come forward. When it's family violence, drugs, gangs, fraud or dishonesty, they may be afraid of reprisals, or having to front up to police, or the thought of going through the court system as a witness.
For police, the main concern is to receive the information and act on it.
So I am really pleased that Crimestoppers has just launched in New Zealand.
Crimestoppers means people can pass on information completely anonymously, either by phone (0800 555111) or with an encrypted online form. You don't have to reveal your identity or share any personal information. Calls and reports cannot be traced.
It is a charity which runs independently of Police, government or other law enforcement agencies.
It is based on a successful UK model. Until a New Zealand call centre can be set up, crime reports will be handled by the UK Crimestoppers call centre. The information will then be sent on to us. We will deal with criminal matters and pass on information about other types of offending to the appropriate agency.
Many people will continue to help police by giving information directly as informants or witnesses. As was the case with Aisling, we have a long and successful history of the public coming forward to do that, and it is critical to many investigations.
So if you know something about a crime and are willing to be identified, please contact us in the usual ways:

  • For emergencies, dial 111.
  • For traffic incidents which are urgent, but not life-threatening, dial *555 from a mobile phone.
  • For non-urgent crime, please phone or visit your local police station. There is a directory on this website.

I wish Crimestoppers NZ every success.