Reducing the harm caused by drugs

Reducing the harm caused by drugs

Commissioner Mike Bush

Ngā mihi. The successful investigation into an alleged methamphetamine supply ring in Wellington has underlined how much harm this drug is causing in our communities.

As well as identifying a number of people who have addiction issues, the investigation team found that stolen property was regularly being swapped for drugs. This highlights what we all know, that the illegal drug trade impacts on innocent members of the public who fall victim to burglaries, thefts and other associated crime.

Police is determined to reduce the damage being done, and it is good to hear that the investigation team has reached out to those they’ve identified as having dependency problems, to offer advice and referrals to support agencies.  This is part of our focus on prevention, reducing family harm and our value of empathy.

My congratulations to all involved.

Tragedy in Kaipara

I’m sure everyone joins me in sending condolences to the loved ones of the men who died in Saturday’s Kaipara boating tragedy. Police staff have been doing all they can to support these families at this difficult time.

We’re also thinking of the Police staff who have been involved. Responding to tragedies on this scale can take a toll on our people.  They can be assured that there’s support for them if they need it.

Mobility goes from strength to strength

This week saw the launch of the “query location” function for our OnDuty mobile app. This allows our staff to access up-to-date information about locations they go to as well as the surrounding area.

Feedback from our early users is that it's a real game changer, giving them a clear picture of a neighbourhood through GPS mapping linked directly to Police information.  They can see exactly what to expect before they turn up to a job, improving their safety and ability to respond effectively.

Staying safe on the roads

This week we also launched our annual summer road safety campaign to reduce death and injury on our roads.   We’re urging people to drive to the conditions and to stick to the speed limit. We also want to remind everyone to wear their safety belts and to not drive after drinking. 

Summer should be a time for generating good memories, not for remembering loved ones who’ve gone. The aim of this campaign is simple: we want everybody who heads onto the roads to get to where they’re going and get home again safely.

Until next time, stay safe.

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