A response we can all be proud of

A response we can all be proud of

Commissioner Mike Bush

Ngā mihi. Over the past week, the upper South and lower North islands have been shaken by severe earthquakes, with the Wellington region also hit by a major storm. I’m sure all New Zealanders join me in sending condolences to the loved ones of the two people who died as a result of the first quake early on Monday.

We’re also thinking of those who have lost their homes and other treasured possessions, and we wish them all the very best, as well as those in communities that are yet to return to normal. I want all members of the public to know that your police will continue to work to keep you safe and feeling safe throughout this uncertain time.

The earthquakes and the storm saw emergency and disaster relief services immediately swing into action. Police staff, together with our partners in Civil Defence, Defence, Fire, Ambulance and other agencies, have worked around the clock to deliver aid and assistance, keep communities functioning and reassure the public.

I was in Kaikoura on Wednesday with the Chief of Defence and saw the great work being done to assist that community. The teamwork across agencies was very impressive and I congratulate all those involved there and in other areas.

I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the awesome response from the communities affected by the earthquakes. The way people joined together to ensure the wellbeing of those around them – people who were often complete strangers – should be a source of great pride for all Kiwis.

This devastating series of quakes is a reminder that we live in a country that’s prone to natural disasters. As these events can rarely be foreseen, we must always be prepared.

I encourage everyone to check out the advice on the Civil Defence website and to plan what you and your loved ones will do in an emergency. Among other things, it’s a good idea to stay in regular contact with one another during this time so you know where your loved ones are.

You can also find important links and regular updates about the present situation on the Police National Facebook page.

Once again, thanks to all those who continue to respond to these events. And to all of you, stay safe and look after each other.

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