Ding Dong Dang Dairy - Aggravated Robbery

Ding Dong Dang Dairy - Aggravated Robbery


North Shore Police are appealing to the public for any information that will lead them to an offender who robbed the DING DONG DANG DAIRY in the suburb of Hillcrest yesterday.

Police say the incident happened at about 1230pm Thursday 13 August 2009 when a masked male Caucasian entered the dairy and used a large knife to threaten and rob the owners of a quantity of tobacco.

The offender then fled from the dairy located in Moore Street Hillcrest. He ran in a northerly direction through Monarch Park, into Monarch Avenue, and then into Eban Avenue. This is the last reported sighting of him.

Items of property and clothing have been discarded during his escape. These include a knife, a leather jacket and a comic patched hoodie. The dairy owners were shocked by the incident but otherwise are unharmed.

Police say someone will know who was wearing the discarded clothing. The comic patched hoodie will be easily recognised.

Police have issued a description of the offender.

Male Caucasian
Height medium to tall height - slim build
Age age not immediately evident
Clothing wearing sunglasses, red colored cloth or bandana, dark brown jacket, a comic patched hoodie, light blue jeans

Friends, associates or anyone with information that will assist police with their enquiries into this aggravated robbery is urged to contact Detective Shane Page at North Shore CIB on 09 477 5000.