Eagle eye over Hamilton as search for offender continues

Eagle eye over Hamilton as search for offender continues

National News

As the search for a man believed to be armed and using methamphetamine continues in Hamilton Waikato Police have brought in assistance from outside the District and warn the offender he should consider turning himself in.

Detective Inspector Chris Page said the use of the Auckland based Police Eagle helicopter in the skies above Hamilton overnight was an example of how Police would use all available resources as they seek to locate 19-year-old Tukino Te Takinga TE RANGI.

"TE RANGI has a warrant to arrest out for him in relation to breach of bail, we understand he has access to firearms and is a known methamphetamine user.

"As such in terms of the safety of not only the public but our staff we are using a variety of resources to try and locate him and we caution anyone found harbouring him that they too face prosecution."

Mr Page said Police had received dozens of reports of a low flying helicopter over Hamilton early this morning as Eagle was used to fly in an Auckland based dog handler to assist in the search and to assist with the search with its various onboard detection technology.

"Two Nawton properties were searched overnight by Police supported by the Waikato Armed Offenders Squad however TE RANGI remains at large.

"While Police acknowledge there would be a degree of disruption to local residents while these searches are carried out an offender with possible access to a firearm presents a significant risk requiring a response that ensures the safety of all concerned."

Mr Page asked that TE RANGI, and his girlfriend Laurissa TUKAKI, who is also wanted by Police, take stock of their circumstances and consider giving themselves up to Police.