Physical assessment of New Zealand Police recruits

Physical assessment of New Zealand Police recruits

Applicants must be physically fit and in excellent health. There is no minimum height requirement. Tests are the Physical Appraisal Test (PAT), and the Physical Competency Test (PCT).

It is important that applicants meet the physical standards to enable them to complete defensive tactics training at College and to cope with the myriad of potentially dangerous and random events that confront them every day in an operational setting as a police officer.

Rehearsals for the Physical Appraisal Test (PAT)

To give you a chance to practice for the real PAT, free rehearsals are run regularly by Police Physical Education Officers. Your physical ability and fitness will be assessed and you’ll get advice on how to achieve the standards required for the real test.

We recommend that you don't sit the actual PAT until you can comfortably pass a rehearsal. You can do as many rehearsals as you like.

Auckland PAT rehearsals are held every Saturday (except long weekends) in the back carpark of Alexandra Park (off Campbell Crescent), starting at 8:30am. People who have previously attended a seminar in Auckland do not need to book to take part in an Auckland based rehearsal.

PAT Rehearsal bookings: contact 0800 NEW COPS (0800-639-2677)

You will be tested on four basic elements. These are:

  1. The time it takes for you to run 2.4 kilometres

    Under 20 years age: 10 min 51 seconds
    20 - 29 years: 10 min 15 seconds
    30 - 34 years: 10 min 50 seconds
    35 - 39 years: 11 min 30 seconds
    40+ years: 12 min 15 seconds

    Under 20 years : 12 min 54 seconds
    20 - 29 years: 11 min 50 seconds
    30 - 34 years: 12 min 25 seconds
    35 - 39 years: 13 min 10 seconds
    40+ years: 14 min 10 seconds

  2. Your vertical jump ability. For men this should be at least 48cm; for women, at least 40cm.

  3. The number of correctly executed continuous press-ups you can do. For men this should be 34 or more; for women, 20 or more.

  4. A test of your grip strength which ensures you have the grip and forearm strength to operate firearms and to restrain and handcuff people. For men the combined total of both hands should be at least 96kg; for women, at least 52kg.

BMI data will be captured, and used in conjunction with a waist to hip ratio to advise applicants of programs to undertake weight reduction and therefore increase both health and fitness levels if required.

A PAT Rehearsal will provide more information about these tests.

Read more about techniques and stretches

The Physical Competency Test

The PCT establishes your ability to cope with the routine physical tasks that are part of frontline police work. All Police Officers have to pass this every two years.

You will be tested in 12 physical tasks including a 200 metre run, pushing a trailer, walking along a raised beam, crawling under hurdles, and climbing through a window. They shouldn’t be difficult tasks for people with average strength, fitness, balance and co-ordination.

These standards serve to maximise officer safety by minimising risk and are designed for the protection of both the officer and the offender.