Ten-One Community Edition April 06


CCTV deters offenders

Chris Bunyan

The Closed Circuit Crime Prevention Camera Network installed in Gisborne’s central business district late last year is already having an impact.

“There’s been several good arrests and a reduction in broken windows, disorder, and assaults,” says Sergeant Chris Bunyan who is the police representative on the trust established to raise the $400,000 needed for the cameras. “While we can’t definitely attribute the reduction in crime to the cameras, they certainly act as a deterrent.”

The network consists of eight fibre-optic cameras mounted at strategic points in the CBD. Staff view activity via screens located in the Gisborne Police Station watchhouse which are actively monitored during busy periods.

“The system also has a recording capacity of 30 days meaning we can recover anything of interest,” says Chris. As well as having an effect on behaviour in the CBD, Chris says the project established a closer working relationship between the city council, police, and local businesses.

“The level of support has been tremendous and the trust is looking at extending the system.”

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