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Keeping it in the family

Keeping it in the family

Auckland Dog Handler Senior Constable John Fraser has kept things in the family by choosing to work with the son and then the grandson of his first police dog Rogue.

John had the photo above taken with all three dogs just before Rogue passed away last November.

Rogue was a police and AOS dog between1992-2000 and, in John’s words, he was “exceptional”. A school journal called Police Dog was even written about him.

“Sin and Ghost both show the same traits that made Rogue so successful,” says John.

“They’re big, agile, willing to learn and always wanting to please. They have Kirschental genes, which is a line of German Shepherds known for their herding instinct.

“It’s very unusual to work with dogs from the same family, but retired Dog Section Supervisor Senior Sergeant Murray Morrissey saw the opportunity and I was keen to take it up.”

When John suffered a serious back injury on a job in 2004 he had to relinquish Sin to a colleague while he recovered. However the opportunity to train one of Sin’s off-spring helped in his rehabilitation.

“I’m thrilled to be back working again and Ghost is shaping up to be a top police dog.”

Within only a matter of weeks, Ghost, who is just 18 months old, has already had several successful tracks and is keeping consistently good scores at police dog trials.

One of Ghost’s brothers has also become an operational police dog while another is half way through his training.

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