Next Generation Critical Communications (NGCC)

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Emergency Services (New Zealand Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, St John, and Wellington Free Ambulance) require secure, reliable communications to help enhance wellbeing; enforce the law; protect people and property; and communicate with each other.

The existing voice centric, radio networks used by Emergency Services need replacing because they are 20-30 years old and not capable of meeting future operational needs.

Modern communications will help Emergency Services keep staff safe; improve productivity and effectiveness; and further evolve innovative solutions using voice, video, messaging and broadband data services to better serve New Zealanders.

Working together, PoliceFire and Emergency New Zealand; Wellington Free Ambulance; and St John are co-ordinating development of an investment case to replace Emergency Services’ critical communications. This programme of work is known as Next Generation Critical Communications (NGCC).


The NGCC Programme is led by Police and includes representatives from Police; Fire and Emergency New Zealand; Wellington Free Ambulance and St John. The Programme team reports to a Steering Group and an independently-chaired Governance Board.

The Programme’s business cases follow The Treasury’s Better Business Cases) process and are subject to ongoing Gateway Reviews.


The programme has completed to date:

  • A Request For Information (RFI) in May 2018
  • Evaluation of responses to the RFI with detailed interviews with respondents
  • A preferred technical solution analysis
  • A Business Case
  • Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) and Technical Quality Assurance (TQA)
  • Central agency consultation
  • Early Market Engagement Presentations

The programme plan is to complete:

  • Ministerial engagement
  • Premarket engagement
  • Submission of Business Case to Government
  • Agency requirements and procurement approach
  • Establishment of a Lead Agency for Emergency Services
  • An update to the proposed procurement process (after March 2020)



Business drivers

Next Generation Critical Communications would enable Emergency Services agencies to further develop and enhance their service delivery and mobility strategies as outlined in the following documents:

New Zealand Police ICT Strategy 2017 - 2021

New Zealand Health Strategy: Future direction

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Statement of Intent 2017-2021

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Roadmap 2017-2020