Electronic Monitoring on Bail (EM Bail)

Image of the ankle bracelet worn by people on EM Bail.People on EM Bail wear an electronic anklet as part of their bail conditions. This lets them live at home or at an approved community address rather than stay in custody. EM Bail may be available to a defendant who has either had bail refused or has been remanded in custody because bail has not been sought.

Changes from 1 February 2014

From September 2006, when the EM Bail scheme was introduced in New Zealand, it was initially managed entirely by New Zealand Police (Police).

However, from 1 February 2014 the Department of Corrections (Corrections) and Police are jointly managing EM Bail under a shared service model.  You can learn more about EM Bail and the shared service model on the Corrections website.

This means that from 1 February 2014:

  • All new applications filed need to be made on the new Corrections EM Bail Application Form (Word).
  • A significant change sees Police no longer having EM Bail assessors in the field after 1 February 2014. Instead, for all new applications, a probation officer will take the role of bail assessor and complete assessments of EM Bail applicants, attend EM Bail connections and complete inductions with the bailees. The central EM Bail Team at Corrections manages the 0800 EM BAIL line, liaises with the monitoring company and is the central point of contact for EM bailees.
  • Police will be responsible for:
    • responding to any instances of non-compliance with EM Bail (e.g., breaches) and undertaking all enforcement action; and
    • managing all other non-electronically monitored bail conditions (e.g., non-association conditions).