Gang Intelligence Centre

Gang Intelligence Centre

Date Published: 
March 2016

The multi-agency Gang Intelligence Centre, hosted by Police, draws on information from several government agencies to build detailed intelligence about the activity of gang members and prospects. It is one of four initiatives of the Government's Gang Action Plan, and the intelligence will be used in two ways – to reduce illegal gang activities and to identify and offer support to the members and associates who want out, both for themselves and for their children.

The Gang Intelligence Centre brings together information held by Social Development, Customs, Corrections, Internal Affairs, Immigration and Police.

This example shows the kind of intelligence the Gang Intelligence Centre is starting to produce. This fictional example of a family with links to gangs reflects research into real families by the Gang Intelligence Centre. It shows that gang involvement tends to involve several generations of the same family.

There is an enormous opportunity for New Zealand in identifying children of gang members and their families, and reaching out to them with a coordinated cross-agency approach, so that they can see and choose a more positive way of life than the generations that have gone before.