Business crime prevention advice: Cash management

Business crime prevention advice: Cash management

Safe cash management procedures can reduce the opportunity for robbery and theft of cash.

  • Count cash out of sight and out of public view.
  • Don't discuss cash takings in public.
  • Ensure your safe is not in public view, and is in a secure area that cannot be accessed by the public.
  • Clear tills of surplus cash regularly and bank the money or put it in a secure safe. Cash-drop and time-lock delay safes are readily available from security companies.
  • Before you move bulk cash into or out of tills at the start and end of the day's trading, make sure the store is locked and secure and that only staff are on the premises.

Cash conveyance

Consider contracting a cash-carrying company if large amounts of money need to be collected or banked on a regular basis. This is the safest method.

Leaving business premises with cash in hand can be high risk, and the cash carrier will be most vulnerable at the start or finish of the journey.

The following tips will help reduce the risk of robbery and assault when staff are taking cash on foot or in a vehicle to a bank:

  • Vary delivery and pick-up times daily to remove the predictability of cash movement and times.
  • Encourage staff doing the banking to wear an outer garment (such as a jacket) so that company clothing is not identified and the store cannot be traced.
  • Always use adult staff to take cash to the bank. If possible have more than one person to help escort the money.
  • Don't carry cash in a marked bank or canvas money bag. If you carry the money in a bag, use one that does not look as though it holds money.
  • Use the quickest route and the busiest streets to the bank. Walk towards oncoming traffic rather than have traffic coming up behind you.
  • Let other staff know when you are going to the bank and a time when they can expect you back.
  • Carry a mobile phone.
  • Consider providing staff with a personal alarm to use in case of attack.
  • If you are driving to the bank, try to vary the route to remove predictability.
  • Be alert for suspicious persons or vehicles that may be following you.
  • Lock car doors while you are en route to the bank, and don't make any stops.