Business crime prevention advice: Protecting your stock

Business crime prevention advice: Protecting your stock

Deliveries, unless controlled at all times by a designated, responsible member of staff, can lead to dishonest behavioural practices and errors.

Receiving dock

  • You need adequate receiving-dock facilities with sufficient space to receive, stack and check inward goods. This area must be secured to safeguard the goods against the weather and theft until stock is able to be distributed to stock rooms or sales floors.
  • Make sure the receiving dock is isolated from the rest of your store or building.
  • Ensure that it is out of bounds to all non-essential staff at all times.
  • You need to designate a responsible member of your staff to receive inward goods.

Store people 

  • You need to check what has been ordered has actually been delivered by cross referencing the order list against the goods themselves and the delivery note.
  • Ensure prices and the amount of goods delivered (including the weight and lengths of materials etc) are correct.
  • Carry out spot checks on the contents of cartons with the delivery person.
  • Sign the delivery note in front of the delivery person.
  • Have a third person conduct spot checks at irregular times.

Note the attitude of the delivery person and store people or other staff. Does their attitude give rise to suspicion during the delivery of goods?

  • Do they whisper or converse quietly? Is there familiarity between them to the extent that there could be collusion?
  • Do delivery people enter the store or stock rooms?
  • Is there a notice stating that no unauthorised person is allowed in the stock room?
  • Check to see if the delivery and receipt document is correct.
  • Delivery notes should be taken immediately to the office.
  • All overs, unders, breakages, damages, transfers and returned goods should be recorded.