Business crime prevention advice: Protecting your vehicle

Business crime prevention advice: Protecting your vehicle

Motor vehicle theft and theft of property from motor vehicles is a significant problem.

Vehicles are stolen for a number of reasons, including joyriding, to commit other crimes or to be broken up for parts for sale on the black market.

Theft from vehicles, also known as 'theft ex car', involves the theft of property such as wheels, stereos and personal items - bags, briefcases, laptop computers, wallets, parking meter money etc.

Thieves gain entry to vehicles primarily by forcing locks or smashing windows.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the opportunity of having your vehicle stolen or broken into:

  • Keep your vehicle keys with you. Keep spare keys at home or at work.
  • Don't hide a spare key on the car.
  • Always lock your car, including the boot and, if applicable, the sunroof.
  • Park in busy, open, well-lit areas.
  • Use an attended, secure parking building if possible.
  • If you garage your vehicle at home, lock the garage and the car.

Protecting car contents:

  • Don't leave things on display.
  • Keep valuables (money, mobile phone, chequebooks, credit cards, driver licence) with you or at home - not in the glovebox or under a seat.
  • Keep bags, luggage, coats etc locked out of sight in the boot.
  • Keep a record of car stereo serial numbers.

Additional security options:

  • Install a car alarm and electronic engine immobiliser (which prevents the engine from being started).
  • Use a steering wheel club or lock, lockable fuel cap and wheel nuts.
  • Etch the registration or vehicle identification number (VIN) on windows, windscreens and headlights.
  • Have your vehicle sprayed with microdot identification.