Business crime prevention advice: Robbery

Business crime prevention advice: Robbery

Be professional when dealing with a robbery

  • Your life and safety are worth more than money.
  • Make sure that every staff member knows and has thought about what they would do in the event of a robbery.
  • Develop a set of procedures to follow.
  • Aim to ensure the offender leaves without harming anyone.

Note: Most robberies take less than one minute.

Survival tips

  • Stay calm.
  • Do what you are told.
  • Consider all firearms to be real and loaded.
  • Carefully note the offenders’ description, but don’t stare.
  • If it is safe, note the direction the offenders go and the vehicle description and registration number.
  • As soon as the offenders leave, dial 111 and ask for Police.
  • Stop people entering the area used by the offenders.
  • Ask witnesses to wait until Police arrive and speak with them.

If there is time before Police arrive, ask everyone to write down a description of the offenders and their vehicle. (Use the witness memory enhancement form, PDF 54KB)

  • Don’t play ‘the hero’
  • Don’t resist
  • Don’t make sudden movements, talk to, or stare at the offenders
  • Don’t chase the offenders
  • Don’t touch anything the offenders may have touched.