Business crime prevention advice: Working irregular hours

Business crime prevention advice: Working irregular hours

Plan to have at least two staff working together at all times if possible.

Make provision for staff to be escorted to their vehicles when work has finished, or for staff to leave the building and vicinity safely.

If staff must work alone, you can enhance their safety by:

  • Ensuring the building can be adequately secured from the inside.
  • Keeping doors locked to prevent casual entry (if appropriate).
  • Displaying warning signs that video surveillance cameras are operating.
  • Using security grilles for staff protection.
  • Providing staff with a remote control device to activate an audible alarm and alert a security company if safety is threatened.

If you arrive at work early:

  • The first person to arrive at work should be alert to any sign of forced entry.
  • Where any signs of force are noticed, the premises should not be entered as an intruder could be present. Call the Police and/or security company, and warn other employees when they arrive.
  • Where no unlawful entry has been made, it can be a good idea for the first person to arrive at work to leave an arranged all-clear signal for other staff.

If you finish late:

  • Park as near to your building as possible in an area that will be well lit at night.
  • Consider other transport options if the only parking available is in an isolated location.
  • Let someone know you will be working late.
  • Check that you are secure inside the building and that no doors or windows have been left open or unlocked.
  • When leaving the building, before you open the door, check the immediate area outside for any people who may be loitering.
  • Use the best well-lit route to your car, and have someone walk with you if possible.