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Firearms Law Reform

The firearms amnesty and buy-back ends on 20 December

Update: Privacy breach of Police’s online notification platform.
Firearm law changes & prohibited firearms (including collection events and price lists).

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Information for dealers

Firearms laws have changed


The dealer compensation channel is now open for licensed dealers to apply for compensation for prohibited items.

The Arms Regulations 1992 set out two separate regimes for compensation for:

  • Licensed Dealer prohibited stock (regulations 28Q to 28T) and payments for returned items where the refund was less than the cost (regulation 28V); and
  • Personal prohibited items (regulations 28L to 28P).

The Arms Regulations 1992 that govern the compensation for prohibited firearms, parts and magazines will help guide you through compensation eligibility criteria. Regulations 28Q to 28T and 28V regarding dealers will be of particular interest.

Read the Arms Regulations 1992 from the New Zealand Legislation website.

Dealer license holders who hold dealer stock of prohibited items will need to assemble relevant documentation to help with their application, including:

  • Business records/dealer book
  • Details of inventory held/stock lists
  • Document showing amounts paid
  • Records of eligible direct external costs
  • Evidence of returned/attempted to return dealer stock (for example email communications and contractual terms).

Key points to note:

  • If you have prohibited items held as dealer stock and personal items, you will need to submit two separate applications, as different criteria applies for each of those applications. Both applications need to be submitted at the same time to ensure that your applications are processed together in a more efficient manner.
  • Please DO NOT attend local collection events to hand in either your dealer prohibited stock or your personal prohibited items. Due to the volumes of prohibited items that you may be claiming for, it is preferable that we conduct this process with you separately to avoid long wait times at the collection events and speed up the compensation process for you.


Dealer stock compensation

Licensed dealers have been emailed their unique login credentials.

If you have not received these details, please call 0800 311 311.

Notify personal stock

If you are a lisenced dealer with personally held prohibited items, select the 'notify personal stock' button below to notify and claim for these items.

Notify personal stock


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