Licences, permits and endorsements

Apply for a New Zealand firearms licence

How to apply for or renew a standard New Zealand firearms or gun licence. … More

Visitor firearms licence and import permits

As a visitor, you need a visitor's firearms licence to use firearms in New Zealand. You need an import permit to bring firearms into the country with you. … More

Apply for a dealer's licence

You need a firearms licence and 'C endorsements' to collect firearms or use them in theatrical productions. … More

Mail order or Internet Sale changes

From 22 October 2015, NZ Police supply the verification (endorsement) of a mail order sale direct to the seller rather than to the purchaser. … More

Apply for permits to import or possess (firearms, PCCKs, ammunition)

You must have a Permit to Import before purchasing firearms from overseas. … More

Apply for an endorsement

Changes in firearms legislation since since 12 April 2019 has led to a ban on most semi-automatic firearms and some pump action shotguns; and also certain large capacity magazines. … More

Manage my firearms and requirements

This includes loss, stolen, handing in or surrender and destruction of firearm(s). … More