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Choice: Preparation for drug education

Before implementing education about alcohol and other drugs, please read the guidelines for drug education.

Introducing Choice

This resource includes the following topics:

  • what are drugs?
  • New Zealand Police’s philosophy on drugs
  • the legal requirements for schools to be safe places
  • links to The New Zealand Curriculum.

Implementing Choice

This resource covers:

  • the whole-school approach
  • steps for implementing Choice.

Additional information

This resource includes additional information on:

  • preparing a school policy e.g. why have one, consultation and possible content
  • sample school policy on drug use and misuse
  • how to handle information about illicit drug use and dealing with disclosure
  • timetabling
  • reflecting different cultural views and realities in the learning activities
  • parent/caregiver and community consultation
  • sample text for letter to parents/caregivers
  • sample agenda for parent/caregiver consultation meeting.