Testing Prescribed Transactions Reports (PTRs)

Reporting entities that intend to submit PTRs via an automated method (XML upload or B2B submission) must successfully complete a testing process with the FIU before access to the production environment is granted.

For further information about the testing process, refer to the Test Guide document available from the Resource Library within goAML. To access the Resource Library, registered reporting entities will need to log in to goAML and click the question mark icon on the menu bar.

Please note: The testing environments for XML upload and B2B submission are different.

Preparing to test

Before beginning to test reports in the New Zealand Police goAML testing environment, we recommend that reporting entities test sample files internally first.

We also recommend that reporting entities complete a report manually by filling in the online web forms in the testing environment, then download the XML after it has been successfully processed. This will allow reporting entities to view a schema compliant XML file.

Instructions for how to download an XML file are available from the Resource Library.

Testing automated reports

There are three key stages of the testing process for automated submission of PTRs:

  1. Successful connection to the NZ Police testing environment;
  2. Successful validation (at the Schema level) of files; and
  3. Completion of a manual file review with the FIU.

test automated reports flowchart

Testing in the NZ Police testing environment

Reporting entities should test files and transactions that cover all scenarios they are required to report (as per legislation and regulations) in the production environment.

Some scenarios you may want to test include:

  • Inward international funds transfers
  • Outward international funds transfers
  • Large cash deposits
  • Large cash withdrawals
  • Currency exchanges

We recommend that reporting entities use this testing phase as an opportunity to develop and write processes and procedures to support the submission of PTRs in the production environment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Real data that can identify an individual, entity or account MUST NOT be submitted in the testing environment. Test data should be representative of real data, but appropriately obfuscated so that it is not identifiable (e.g. change the client’s name to ‘Jane Doe’ and the account to ‘123456789’ rather than ‘dsjlkajhdsgf’ and ‘0000’).

Manual file review

Once a number of files have been successfully processed (fully accepted) in the testing environment, reporting entities need to complete the PTR File Review Template (contained within the Test Guide document) and email it to goamlconsult@police.govt.nz.

The purpose of the review is to assist the FIU in understanding the context behind transactions that represent those that will eventually be submitted to the production system. The review also allows the FIU to identify any areas where mandatory information (as required by the legislation) may be missing.

Please note: Successful completion of the file review process does not confirm regulatory and legislative compliance.