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Video Q&As on Firearms


Last updated July 10 2019

10 July 2019

Morgs talks about what you need to know before attending a firearms collection event for buy-back and amnesty.
27 June 2019

Vlog 2 - Morgs talks about why you might see prohibited and non-prohibited firearms on the price list.         
26 June 2019

Vlog 1 - Morgs' (Inspector Morgan Gray) talks about what you need to know to prepare for the firearms buy-back and amnesty.          
1 May 2019

Duck shooting season started on 5 May, so it’s a good time to refresh yourself on the seven firearms safety rules and to inspect your firearm. More information is available on hunter safety.
24 April 2019

Duck shooting season is coming soon and we know some duck shooters may be unclear about how the new laws affect them. This video covers some of the important things you need to note. For more information, check out the frequently asked questions on the changes that could affect your hunting.
12 April 2019

Senior Sergeant Patrick Hannon shows examples of firearms people are still able to use, as well as firearms that are now prohibited.