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This page will list new information that has been added to the Portal, and existing information and documents that have been updated.

February 2018

The 2018 Loves-Me-Not resources are now available on the Loves-Me-Not page.

July 2017

The Police-School Partnerships page and the Partnerships in Practice page have been updated to align to our new Police-School Partnership Model.

February 2017

Some of the downloadable documents in the Keeping Ourselves SafeKia Kaha and Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (Choice)sections have been updated. Updated documents are identified by a tag in red italics.    

The changes are relatively minor, and are about ensuring the learning experiences no longer rely on the use of older DVD-based videos. However, these videos can still generally be used as optional additional activities if desired (and if the school can access DVDs). 

February 2017

A new resource to make school environments safer is now available on our new Safer Schools page.

January 2017

The 2017 Loves-Me-Not resources and a new Loves-Me-Not parent video introduced by Nigle Latta are now available on the Loves-Me-Not page.

November 2016

A registration form to implement Loves-Me-Not during 2017 is now up on the Loves-Me-Not page.

September 2016

A sample intevention dealing with Alcohol & Other Drugs has been added to the 'Sample Interventions' section of the Partnerships in practice page.

May 2016

All the individual Resources pages on this Portal now include links to sample interventon plans and/or completed intervention narratives (or case studies) dealing with that particular issue.

April 2016

The Year 9-10 Road Safe activities have been withdrawn, as they have become obsolete and no longer reflect The New Zealand Curriculum. Alternative resources can be found on the NZ Transport Agency Education Portal.

Added downloadable factsheets about bullying prevention for students and for parents to the Kia Kaha section.

February 2016

Updated the materials on the Loves-Me-Not page to align to evaluations and good practice. 

October 2015

Revamped the following sections:

  • Police-school partnerships:  Describes the overarching strategy and models used when Police partner with schools, arranged in hierarchical order, and containing links to the descriptive documents. 
  • Partnerships in practice: Describes the actual process by which schools and Police partner together, arranged in a logical step-by-step ‘engagement cycle’, and containing links to templates of documents used during each step of the cycle.  A handy summary of this engagement cycle is also available as a PDF.

Added a new page Links to other helping agencies in the 'Living in a safe community' section.

Added information about school balls to the Alcohol and other drugs guidelines page.

July 2015

Added Check 4 - Safety checking the Children's workforceNew rules mean people who work with children must undergo a safety check. There are 4 different categories of worker and 4 years in which to get your workforce safety checked.

June 2015

April 2015

Added Loves-Me-Not, a healthy relationship programme in which senior secondary students learn about relationships and the sometimes difficult subject of relationship abuse and consent.  Loves-Me- Not uses a whole school approach and includes a one-day workshop.

March 2015

  • Added new sample ‘online safety’ school-wide intervention plan to the Planning processes page. 

October 2014

September 2014