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Choice (for years 7–8)

Choice aims to strengthen young people’s ability to make positive life choices with special emphasis on drug use.

What students will learn

These year 7–8 resources will help students to:

  • use a decision-making process to help them make safe choices about drug use
  • distinguish between legal and illegal drugs and between drug use and misuse
  • describe some of the consequences of drug misuse
  • critically analyse media messages related to drug use.

Six focus areas

The learning activities are arranged in six focus areas.

Focus area 1: What do I know and what do I need to know about drugs? 

The intention of this focus area is to gather data about the drug experiences and needs of students to help the teacher plan a programme to meet the needs of the class.

Focus area 2: Cool 2 B me

Students consider the great things about being themselves and being their age. They examine strategies that can help them overcome problems.

Focus area 3: Drugs and the law

Students learn what a drug is, the different classes of drug and the harm caused by illegal drugs. Students explore the consequences of drug misuse and penalties.

Focus area 4: The good, the bad and the ugly

Students explore the difference between drug use and misuse. They consider safe guidelines for drug use and consider the effects that bad choices about drugs may have on a positive life path.

Focus area 5: Choice choices!

Students identify decisions that could be difficult. They explore and practise techniques for refusing drug offers. [Updated 2017]

Focus area 6: Massive media

Students learn to critically analyse media messages. [Updated 2017]