Rail Safe (for years 1-8)

The Rail Safe programme, called Tracks are for Trains, provides learning activities to empower students to move safely and responsibly around trains and rail tracks.

What students will learn

In this year 1-8 programme students will learn about:

  • trains and why care is needed around trains
  • tracks and strategies to keep safe on platforms and near rail corridors
  • the consequences of unsafe practices around trains and tracks
  • taking actions to ensure that people are safe near trains and train tracks.

Learning activities

Learning activities are arranged in three year-level groups:- years 1-3, years 4-6, and years 7-8.

Years 1-3

Students identify how to take care around trains and can identify the platform's safety line and how to behave on platforms.

Years 4-6

Students identify trains and tracks, describe safety on platforms and railway crossing, and take action for the safety of others near trains.

Years 7-8

Students compare and contrast motor vehicles and trains, describe the legal requirements for tracks and use a social decision making model to take action for the safety of others near trains.

Other rail safety resources

  • The Rail Safety page on the NZ Transport Agency's Education Portal  contains a number of curriculum resources to support primary students learning to stay safe near railways, especially the electrified rail networks in Auckland and Wellington.
  • The TrackSAFE Foundation's Rail Safety website includes information about keeping safe around tracks and trains.