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How do I get on the Victim Notification System?

How do I get on the Victim Notification System?

Victims may be entitled to more detailed information about what happens with the offender, such as parole and prison release dates. This applies if you are the victim:

  • of sexual violation or a serious assault; or
  • you were seriously injured; or
  • the offence resulted in the death of someone in your family/whanau or that person being rendered incapable of looking after themselves; or
  • you have ongoing reasonable fears for your safety or for the safety of any of your family/whanau.

If you want more information or to request to join the Victim Notification System, discuss the matter with the police officer assigned to your case. If you decide to join the system you will receive more detailed information about your case and the offender’s progress through the justice system. You (or your representative) will also be entitled to make oral submissions to the NZ Parole Board and be told when the offender is due for release.