Monday, 18 June 2018 - 6:01pm -
Mike Bush, Police Commissioner

Police continue to disrupt organised crime

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Police disrupt significant organised criminal activity, recruitment is underway in Kapiti and Kosmo is on the mend. 


Operation Gegenees

Congratulations to our National Organised Crime Group, together with NZ Customs, for their work on Operation Gegenees.

This successful operation saw five individuals arrested, who were heavily embedded in organised crime, including a senior associate of the Comanchero Gang. It also led to the seizure of 13.5kg of methamphetamine.

This operation demonstrates Police’s ongoing commitment to disrupting organised criminal activity and hold those who commit, and enable, this behaviour to account.

Kapiti recruitment underway

We aspire to be the world's safest country and have the trust and confidence of all. To achieve this, our commitment to service must be central to everything we do. So this year we're setting ourselves up to transform the way we provide our service to the public.

Recruitment is now underway for the new Police non-emergency communications and digital centre in Kapiti, north of Wellington.

We are aiming to have 50 new staff prior to Christmas, building to 120 by the end of 2019. These new roles have been established as part of wider work to improve the way NZ Police provides its service to the public.

This centre will significantly increase our capacity to meet the increasing demand Police face and is a key step as we prepare for the introduction of one non-emergency number for the whole country, as well as expand our online crime reporting services.

This is all in addition to building our frontline because we know the public still want to engage face-to-face with local police in their community.

Kosmo is on the mend

I’m pleased to hear that Kosmo is on the mend after being injured while preforming his duties earlier this month.

The dog team is an integral part of NZ Police’s operational response and when a dog is wounded in the course of duty, we feel this as keenly as if it was one of our human colleagues.

We’re all looking forward to having Kosmo back at work when he’s fit and ready.

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