Friday, 18 September 2015 - 10:21am -
Commissioner Mike Bush

We won't let up on the merchants of misery

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Ngā mihi. Two operations targeting the methamphetamine trade this week struck significant blows against those seeking to profit from this destructive drug.  
The first saw more than 1 kilogram of methamphetamine seized from a vehicle at the Picton ferry terminal early on Tuesday, with several firearms and cash found during a subsequent search of a Christchurch address. A very large sum of money was recovered during a related search in Auckland.
A separate operation on Auckland's North Shore saw the seizure of an estimated 800 grams of methamphetamine and an $80,000 designer handbag suspected of being purchased with the proceeds of crime.
Police officers around New Zealand have seen first hand the damage methamphetamine causes, not just to its users but also to communities and those who become the victims of associated crimes.
We are determined to stop those who deal in this misery.
Tuesday's efforts saw an estimated $2 million of methamphetamine taken out of circulation and will significantly disrupt this evil trade. Well done to all involved.

Cooperating to combat cyber crime

Well done, too, to all staff involved in the joint investigation that led to the arrest of a Danish man who made repeated online attacks against an Auckland girl. This man has been charged with a number of cybercrime offences under Danish law.

His arrest was the result of close cooperation between New Zealand Police's Cybercrime Unit and their counterparts in Denmark. Our staff working in this area do a great job to keep people here and overseas safe, and this operation is an excellent example of the international cooperation in place to prevent, detect and stop this type of offending.

Tragedy at Muriwai Beach 

Our condolences go out to the loved ones of the four young men killed in the crash at Muriwai Beach on Sunday evening. Police and Victim Support are doing all we can to support the families who lost their sons in this tragedy.

I'd also like to thank all Police and emergency service staff as well as members of the public who assisted at what was a very difficult scene.

A humble hero

Congratulations to Napier Constable Duane Coffin, who helped save a woman who fell into the sea in Napier on Saturday night. Duane didn't hesitate to leap into the freezing water to support the woman and there's little doubt his actions saved her life.  I understand this isn’t the first time a member of the Coffin family has rescued someone from the sea while serving in Police, and I was particularly impressed by Duane's modesty.

He said Police "do this sort of thing almost every day - it's nothing special". He added that "Anyone else would have done the same and when you see someone in danger, you want to help."

Well done also to security guard Wayne Butcher, who dived into the sea to help Duane.

A big step forward for innovation

On Tuesday, I signed a landmark agreement with Steven Cost, the president of global IT firm Intergraph - a key strategic partner in our mobility programme. This will see us continue to collaborate on new products for our mobile technology, with intellectual property rights transferred to Intergraph in return for development resources and royalties from any applications sold to overseas jurisdictions.

Our mobility programme allows our frontline staff to spend more time in their communities, where they can most effectively prevent crime. Their feedback to our strategic partners about their experiences has been a major factor in its success and the agreement with Intergraph will ensure frontline staff have the tools they need to keep our communities safe and we have more resources to keep innovating.

One we were happy to see get away

Finally this week - a whale of a tale from the Wellington Police launch "Lady Liz", which assisted in the rescue of a baby humpback caught in the lines from crayfish pots in Wellington Harbour on Sunday.

A specialist Conservation Department team was called in from Kaikoura to set the whale free, and our staff were happy to see it on its way.

This story attracted interest from around the world after video was posted on our national Police Facebook page and it's a great example of the better work stories our staff take home each day.

That's all for this week. Until next time, stay safe.

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