Thursday, 14 August 2003 - 4:20pm |
National News

Road deaths down and more crime solved in Rodney

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Fewer people have died on Rodney’s roads and police have solved more crimes according to the latest crime statistics.

Eleven people died on the roads in the last year compared with 19 the previous year.

&#34We have been targeting high crash sites, we’ve had traffic alcohol units and the booze bus out and the highway patrol is working hard policing the new stretch of motorway... and it’s making a big difference by saving 8 more lives already&#34, said Police Area Controller, Inspector, Janet Hope.

&#34It’s also official that we’re solving more crime and that’s really great news, up 1% to 47% of reported crime this year&#34.
Unfortunately there has been a 2% increase in burglary and most of that increase has been burglars breaking into people’s homes.

&#34But the good news is, since Christmas we’ve had two dedicated Scene of Crime Officers working for us, they greatly enhance our forensic capability and have come up with some startling results already&#34.

The statistics also show that Rodney has one of the lowest crime rates.

&#34We’re in the top 5 safest areas in the country to live&#34.

&#34Overall we have achieved some very positive results and continue to strive for greater levels of safety for us all... this couldn’t be done without the ongoing support from the people of Rodney&#34.