Saturday, 6 September 2003 - 4:40pm |
National News

Hopes examinations will give clues

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he post-mortem examination of the burnt body found in the boot of a car in Mt Wellington yesterday morning started at about 9.30am.

Detective Senior Sergeant David Pearson said the body was removed from the Reliable Way scene last evening.

&#34It was a complicated task, given the extent of the burns, but we’re confident today’s examination will give us some clues about how this person came to be in the boot of a burnt car,&#34 he said.

&#34The car is still at the scene but will be moved from there at about midday to be forensically examined over the next few days.&#34

Mr Pearson said the investigation team had also enlisted the services of the Specialist Search Group who will be at the Reliable Way scene from 12pm.

&#34There’s no telling what clues might be contained within the street, its drains and yards, so they’ll do a thorough search of the wider area today.&#34

Police have spoken to some of the residents and workers near where the burning car was found, but further area inquiries will be carried out over the course of the next few days.