Monday, 8 September 2003 - 4:03pm |
National News

Police investigating Kingsland home attack

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Police are investigating an intruder rape that reportedly happened in the early hours of this morning at a Fourth Ave, Kingsland, address.

A man, armed with a knife, broke into the address where he repeatedly sexually violated a woman living there over at least a two-hour period.

The victim described her attacker as possibly a Maori or Polynesian in his mid to late 20’s, of medium athletic build, and about 5’10&#34 tall.

He’s believed to have one of his nostrils pierced with a stone stud.

He was also described as having a distinctive tattoo of a large star shape covering his entire chest and upper shoulder area. He may also have a tattoo depicting some type of design on his forehead and left upper arm.

The offender was wearing dark trousers and a dark singlet or &#34muscle&#34 shirt.

Police are keen to hear from people living in Kingsland, in the area of Fourth Avenue, who have previously reported, or wish to report any recent suspicious activity, people or vehicles.

They are encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Millar REWI at the Avondale Police on 820 5782.