Thursday, 20 November 2003 - 1:41pm |

Police officer appointed to Chatham Islands

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Experienced rural policeman Senior Constable Chris Barclay starts his new position next week as the Chatham Islands’ sole charge police officer.

Inspector Marty Grenfell, Wellington Area Commander, says he’s pleased Constable Barclay, currently working in Palmerston, Otago, is taking up the permanent appointment.

"Chris has spent 14 of his 16 years in police working in sole charge or country stations," he says. "He’s knows what it’s like to be part of isolated but tight knit communities and has the maturity and experience to deal with situations."

Inspector Grenfell says he’s sure the Chatham Islands community will welcome their new constable.

"It’s been a year since we’ve filled the permanent position and during the interim the Chathams has been policed by a pool of relievers from Wellington.

"They’ve done a great job and will continue to go down and help out on a regular basis so Chris can have regular breaks."

Senior Constable Barclay, 45, is married with two primary school aged children. He’s scheduled to start work at the Chathams on 28 November.

Chatham Islands Mayor Pat Smith says his community is pleased a permanent appointment has been made. He also acknowledged the work undertaken by relieving staff during the last 12 months.