Wednesday, 10 December 2003 - 11:19am |
National News

North Shore Police investigate random street robberies

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North Shore police are investigating a series of random roadside robberies, believed to be carried out by a group of youths travelling together in two vehicles.

A long bladed screwdriver was used as a weapon in the robberies that occurred in the Devonport , Sunnynook and Albany areas, from Friday December 5 to Sunday December 7.

Robberies of this nature are known in the criminal community as "stocking." That is the random selection of victims off the side of the road, robbing them of whatever personal possessions they have before carrying on to their next victim.

Four such robberies have been reported to police, but it is believed that other victims are yet to come forward.

These robberies involved two carloads of youths. One of the vehicles was described as a light coloured four-door saloon with green or blue lights. The other vehicle a light coloured two-door hatchback.

Police are asking anyone who was the subject of such a robbery or a witness to contact Acting Detective Sergeant Scott Armstrong, at the Takapuna Police
Station, 4886200.

Police have arrested two of the group believed to be involved. Two North Shore men aged 17 and 18 years appeared in the North Shore District Court today. Both were charged with one count of aggravated robbery, further charges are expected at their next appearance