Wednesday, 10 December 2003 - 2:08pm |
National News

Four climbers not believed to be from New Zealand

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The four climbers found dead on Mt Cook this morning are not believed to be New Zealanders.

The recovery is still in progress but Constable Brent SWANSON believes it will be completed by 2.30pm. The bodies will be taken to Mt Cook for mortuary procedures and next of kin to be notified.

An alpine guide saw the bodies at 5am, he climbed down to check them at 8am, then climbed back to the Plateau Hut to call for help. His call was received at 10.45am at DOC Mt Cook.

The climbers had not been reported missing. Constable SWANSON says he assumes they were climbing Mt Cook. There is no indication yet if they were caught in an ice fall or avalanche.

At this stage it is believed three of the climbers were roped together and one was unroped.

The weather today at Mt Cook is reported to be beautiful, sunny with clear skies.