Thursday, 18 December 2003 - 4:23pm |

Hide it or lose it

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In the busy week leading up to Christmas, Christchurch Police are dreading the many calls they expect to get from people who have had valuable belongings stolen from their vehicles.

On average police get 17- 20 such calls a day, and many are not reported as the replacement value is below the insurance excess.

Detective Sergeant Tony HILL says that drivers and passengers should take a few extra minutes when leaving their vehicles to make sure all valuables are well out of sight.

"You never know who is watching you. Try to remember to put everything well out of sight before you park your vehicle. If you are concerned someone is watching you, move your vehicle, don’t make yourself an easy target."

If possible, leave your vehicle in a well lit place. Take anything really valuable with you or better still, leave it at home before you go out, advise DS HILL. If you have an alarm or extra security, remember to use it.

Tourists are advised to remove anything that readily identifies them as tourists and once again - take all those precious things such as passports and cameras with them.

"It won’t take much more time and may save you much heart ache," Tony HILL says.

"If you have to leave your car in town because you are being sensible driver and taking a cab home after a party, make small detour and empty your vehicle to take with you."

Don’t let someone else have Christmas at your expense.

Detective Sergeant Tony HILL
Car Squad