Tuesday, 20 January 2004 - 8:30am |
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Police confirm role of woman in Browns Beach drowning

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Police have now completed interviews with a number of people who played a vital role in the rescue of three children at Browns Bay Beach on Friday.

Witnesses have described seeing two boogie boards floating out in the water with people near the boards and the boards then moving further out to sea. At least four people began making their way towards the children.

Several people helped bring Joshua Robinson to shore; one man helped bring the seven-year-old some distance till others met him. He then turned round and swam out to get Joshua’s twin sister, Tabitha.

At this stage the man discovered a lady in her fifties had already reached the seven-year-old, but was herself in difficulties. The man brought them both back towards the shore and was met by others, who were assisting in the CPR effort with the other sibling Christle. She was pronounced dead yesterday, after being on life support.

North Shore Area Commander, Inspector Mike Hill, says, "Witness accounts have shown that the woman in here fifties played an integral role in the rescue of Tabitha who survived the ordeal. She put her life on the line and it is unfortunate that she is now fighting for her own life," says Inspector Hill.

Inspector Hill, says "The actions of those involved in the rescue effort were very courageous and some may deserve some later recognition."

The woman involved in the rescue remains in a critical condition on life support in North Shore Hospital.

Both families wish to thank those who took part in the rescue efforts including members of the public, emergency services and then the care from North Shore Hospital staff.

Both families thank the media for allowing them privacy and ask for that to continue.

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