Friday, 19 March 2004 - 10:01am |

Police Professional Standards Processes still in play in Lower Hutt Case

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Decisions around the status or potential sanctions against a Lower Hutt Police Officer have yet to be made because the officer who is the subject of an adverse Tribunal decision has taken proceedings to the Employment Authority.

The Wellington District Commander, Superintendent Rob Pope, said it was incredulous that counsel responsible for the proceedings should claim that Police Commissioner Rob Robinson had "rubber stamped" the tribunal’s decision. This matter has not even reached the Commissioner or the Deputy Commissioner’s desks because of action taken by the accused Police Officer.

Accusations that other Police Officers lied under oath at the disciplinary tribunal last year are under separate inquiry by Wellington District staff.

The results of those investigations are expected shortly and if anything untoward is confirmed then firm action will be taken.

"The positive aspect about all this is that it demonstrates that Police processes do surface matters that need to be looked into.

"We will stand by whistle-blowing officers and will deal thoroughly with anyone who is found to act unethically and unprofessionally," said Superintendent Pope.


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