Wednesday, 21 April 2004 - 2:01pm |

Credit card fraud

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An individual in Christchurch has been charging international travel to fraudulently obtained credit card numbers over the last couple of months says Fraud O/C Detective Sergeant David Harvey.

"We have two complaints from travel agents this year this year," he says. "The incidents reported were both in the range of $30,000."

An individual has gone to the travel agents and booked overseas travel. The tickets are paid for by credit card number, confirmed and used but the credit is later discovered to be false.

"Unsuspecting people who have not reported their cards stolen have discovered the tickets billed to their account," says David Harvey.

"Everyone should know where their cards are at all times and report them stolen immediately it is suspected," he says. "Businesses dealing with individuals should be very careful and if they have any suspicions immediately contact Bruce Garnett in the Fraud Section of Christchurch Police."