Friday, 14 May 2004 - 2:01pm |

Information appeal for two year old fatal crash

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Napier Police and the wife of a man who fatally died in a road crash on State Highway 2, Bay View (Napier) near Turfrey Road need your help.

Mr Peters a 60 year old Napier resident died on Wednesday 15 May 2002 around 5.45pm.

Mr Peters was riding his blue and white Suzuki GSX 1100ES motorcycle south on State Highway 2 when it collided with the rear of a truck.

Mr Peters came off his motorcycle and appears to have been struck by traffic as he lay on the road.

Mrs Peters said "Its been a long time and its affecting our family, right through to the grandchildren. If anyone knows anything about my husband’s death, would you please contact the Police".

Police have reviewed the investigation and need your help to identify two vehicles, drivers and the passengers who may be able to assist our investigation and are yet to come forward.

A number of people have contacted Police, however we would like to speak with the occupants of two further vehicles who passed through the crash site on the night.

If you have any information regarding this fatal crash, please contact your local Police or telephone the Eastern District toll free Crime Line on 0800-567-789 quoting File Number 020515/0936.