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78 police recruits graduate

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Seventy-eight recruits have graduated as probationary constables from The Royal New Zealand Police College today.

The wing is unusual in that it includes four recruits from the Indian community, says National Manager: Training and Professional Development, Superintendent Alistair (Olly) Beckett.

"We are thrilled to see four Indian recruits among those who graduated today. People from Indian and Asian backgrounds are not currently well represented in Police ranks and these members, who will all work in Auckland, will undoubtedly improve Police links with the Indian community there," he says.

"Collectively, the members of Wing 217 have brought a lot of life experience with them to Police," says Superintendent Beckett. The average age of wing members is 31 years.

Two members have come from working in overseas police jurisdictions - one from policing in the United Kingdom and the other from policing in South Africa.

A unique event saw another member earn a New Zealand Police long service award during his recruit training. He has worked for the past 14 years as a non-sworn staff member in Auckland.

Another member, bound for Christchurch, has represented New Zealand in judo at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

78 recruits will graduate – 53 males and 25 females
41 recruits will be posted to Auckland districts
20 recruits will be posted to the South Island
11 recruits will be posted to the Bay of Plenty region
5 recruits will be posted to the Wellington region
1 recruit will be posted to Northland

Wing 217 prize winners:

Minister’s Prize for First in Wing is awarded to Constable Christopher BROOKBANKS, posted to Otahuhu

Commissioner’s Prize for Second in Wing is awarded to Constable Claire STARR, posted to Otahuhu

Patron’s Prize for Third in Wing is awarded to Constable Scott ALLISON, posted to Christchurch

International Police Association Academic Prize (for overall excellence in academic exams 1, 2 & 3) is awarded to Constable Christopher BROOKBANKS, posted to Otahuhu

Ericsson Practical Prize (for overall excellence in practical assessments, skills files and fingerprinting) is awarded to Constable Claire STARR, posted to Otahuhu

The HOLDEN Tactical Skills & Safety Prize (for overall excellence in defensive tactics, firearms and driving) is awarded to Constable Russell O’BRIEN, posted to Taupo

The Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Award is awarded to Constable Patrick WELLS, posted to Otahuhu

The Meltzer Prize for Weapon Training is awarded to Constable Simon JEFFRIES, posted to Otahuhu

The Driver Training Award is awarded to Constable Barry MURRAY, posted to Kaitaia

Police Association Prizes for Sectional Achievement:
This prize is awarded to an individual from each section who, in the collective view of the members of the section and the wing instructors, made the greatest contribution to the overall success of the team.

Section One - Constable Jan COLVILLE, posted to Otahuhu
Section Two - Constable Raymond MATTHEWS, posted to Masterton
Section Three - Constable Rameka POIHIPI, posted to Tauranga
Section Four - Constable Paul WALKER, posted to Christchurch

Wing Patron: Dr Carol Shand
Dr Carol Shand has been in general practice medicine in Wellington since 1964 specialising in women’s health and medical care for sexual assault victims.

In 1985 Dr Shand was a founding trustee of the Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation, set up to provide medical care and counselling to victims of sexual assault. At this time she also became part of a roster of doctors on-call to Police to conduct forensic medical examinations in cases involving alleged sexual assault.

In 1987 she helped to found Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care (DSAC), a professional association of doctors who provide medical care to victims of sexual assault including children. The organisation has grown to provide training for doctors, set quality standards for medical evaluation of sexual assault victims and provide peer review and support for doctors, as well as advocacy for victims.

Dr Shand has worked at both a local and national level with the New Zealand Police in training, policy development and service delivery. She is greatly admired and respected by members of the New Zealand Police.


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