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Japanese student death investigation

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Excellent public response aids police inquiry team

Police investigating the death of a Japanese student whose body was found in the Heathcote River, Christchurch, on Saturday morning continue to receive an excellent response from the public.

Detective Inspector Greg Williams, the inquiry head, said public assistance was proving invaluable as police piece together events leading up to the death of Mr Yasuaki Shishikura, 23, of Japan.

Mr Shishikura’s body was found in the Heathcote River on Saturday morning. Christchurch police are investigating his unexplained death.

Detective Inspector Williams said police had now spoken to the taxi driver who took Mr Shishikura to Richardson Terrace. The driver had provided significant information of assistance to the inquiry, Detective Inspector Williams said.

Police are still keen to speak to three people who may have information relating to the inquiry.

One is a cyclist seen riding north on Richardson Terrace on Saturday about 7am. The male cyclist was riding a dark blue or green mountain bike. He was a European, aged about 30, of solid build, with a bony face. He was described as healthy looking. He was wearing long dark pants, not shorts, and he had a dark coloured helmet on. He acknowledged another cyclist he passed near the Judge Street underpass.

Police are also interested in speaking to a couple seen in Clarendon Terrace around the same time on Saturday morning. They parked their red, low, sports style car and crossed the road to river. It was near the Clarendon Terrace –MacKenzie Street intersection.

The couple were both in their 20s. The female was wearing light coloured clothes and an off-white short skirt. She was European, with dark black hair. Her hair appeared to be slightly curly and may have been in a bob style.

The male had short brown hair, and was wearing fawn long pants and a dark-coloured T-shirt or skivvy.

They were driving a modern low-style sports car, racing red colour, and in the place of a front numberplate was an emblem, which resembled the American flag.

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