Sunday, 17 October 2004 - 2:01pm |
National News

Family and Police give profile of Iraena Asher's behaviour

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Police have worked with the family of Iraena Asher to establish a profile of her behaviour.

Police and Iraena’s family say there are strong similarities in her behaviour the night she disappeared with other times when she had been sick because of her bi-polar condition.

Missing person Inquiry Head, Detective Senior Sergeant John Sutton says, "Part of this inquiry is to establish whether Iraena’s behaviour last Sunday was either linked to her illness or the actions of others and we have to establish what factors could have be involved in her disappearance."

On the night Iraena disappeared police say statements indicate there was some strange behaviour. Iraena’s family have told police when she is sick Iraena will hide and have no contact with her family, she will convince others of her manic behaviour, does not sleep, has mood swings, has excessive amounts of energy, gives the appearance she is on drugs and has an aversion to light.

Detective Senior Sergeant Sutton says, "On the night she disappeared Iraena is described as having erratic behaviour including mood swings, a strong purposeful walk and an aversion to light. She also told people she was with that she had been given hard drugs but then later said she had not. Iraena’s family says she does not take drugs. One witness who believed she may have been on drugs came to a later conclusion she may be suffering from a mental illness," says Detective Senior Sergeant Sutton. .

Iraena’s family believes she was ill that night and that has increased their concerns for her safety. The family plea is that they believe Iraena was sick that night and so are asking for any help in finding out what happened to Iraena.

Iraena’s family say her condition was well managed most of the time. Police believe Iraena was not complying with the regime of medication that was prescribed for her.