Friday, 3 December 2004 - 1:00pm |
National News

Woman leaves North Shore shop wearing jewellery

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Takapuna Police are trying to identify a woman who let a jewellery store while trying on a number of items.

At about 3.30 pm Saturday 31 July 2004, a woman walked into Michael Hill Jewellers in Hurstmere Road Takapuna. She was served and tried on a number of Jewellery items.

While the woman had three pieces of jewellery on she ran from the store. A separate witness saw the woman get into a blue or grey vehicle which was parked around the corner from the store in the Strand.

The items stolen were a filigree padlock bracelet 9ct gold valued at $2,199, A heavy gents curb bracelet 9ct gold valued at $1,599 and a thick 9ct gold barrel ring valued at $499.

Anyone who can identify the woman should contact Constable Jason Hamblyn of Takapuna Police on 4886278