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Reducing alcohol abuse throughout the Auckland region

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Pleasing response to Operations Manhattan and WakeUp

The Police Board of Managers for the greater Auckland area are unanimous in congratulating the law-abiding public who have, so far, made this Christmas festive season a relatively happy and safe one.

Chairman of the Board, Superintendent Roger Carson says that overall the response from the public regarding Operations Manhattan and WakeUp has been encouraging and supportive.

Manhattan and WakeUp were initiatives designed to reduce alcohol abuse throughout the Auckland region over the festive season, on the roads and on the footpaths.

"We have almost come to the end of both operations and it seems messages that alcohol abuse will not be tolerated – are getting through. There has been fairly good compliance of the Sale of Liquor Act from bar and club owners. We hope this trend will continue through to New Year’s Eve," says Superintendent Carson.

Operation Manhattan, which specifically targets bars and clubs to detect breaches of the Act, will continue up until the 24th of December. Emphasis will then be on anti-drink driving campaigns, through to New Year’s Eve. Extra checkpoints are planned throughout greater Auckland during this period.

"The only disappointing aspect of both operations has been the number of people who fail to listen to our drink driving message and bar and club owners who allow intoxicated people to remain on their premises and continue serving them.

Out of a total of 21,889 drivers stopped during Operation Wake Up, 169 were detected with excess breath alcohol.

"It was pleasing to see many using taxis to get home across the Auckland Metro area, over the weekend, but equally it was disturbing to see 25% of those who failed the evidential breath test in Auckland City, were under the age of 20."

A total of 280 establishments were visited during phases of Operation Manhattan, 76 were issued notices for intoxicated person on their premises, 51 for minors located, 69 for breaches of the Sale of Liquor Act and 8 liquor ban breaches were detected.

"The Board of Managers (BOM) devised Operations Manhattan and Wake Up as jointly resourced initiatives to reduce the effects of alcohol abuse in the community – I think we have achieved that."

Most people are responsible with alcohol, but there is still a minority that spoil festivities for others. The idea behind Manhattan and WakeUp was to enable all three Auckland police districts, Counties Manukau, Auckland City and North Shore/Waitakere/Rodney, to join forces to ensure everyone across the region is able to enjoy the festive season with as few incidents as possible."

Results for Operations Manhattan and WakeUp are as follows:
Breaches of Sale of Liquor - 69
Breaches of liquor bans – 7
Excess breath alcohol – 169 (total 21,889 Auckland drivers stopped between North Shore/Waitakere/Rodney, Counties Manukau and Auckland City)
Minors in a bar – 51
Intoxicated persons in a bar - 76
Number of off licence premises visited - 210
Number of licensed premises visited - 280

Released by Angeline Barlow
Communications Manager
Counties Manukau Police/Board of Managers
Ph: (09) 2590653