Sunday, 9 January 2005 - 12:00pm |

Operation Wellington launched in Marton

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Police from around the North Island have assembled a 35 strong homicide squad in Marton to investigate the death of 83 year old local woman, Mona MORRISS.

The investigation has been named Operation Wellington.

Mrs MORRISS was discovered dead in her flat on Wednesday 5 January 2005 by a family member.

Mrs MORRISS had lived in the Marton Community for over 20 years and was a fit, bubbly, gentle lady who had a daily routine of walking to and from her flat to the local shops.

A post mortem was conducted in Wellington, where it was discovered that Mrs MORRISS was brutally and callously attacked before her death.

She sustained a number of injuries and died of stab wounds.

The investigation team have established that Mrs MORRISS was in the Marton New World during Monday 3 January and would like any sightings of her that day, or the following day, Tuesday 4 January .

Enquiries are centred on any person who visited any of the units at 393 Wellington Road, Marton on Monday 3 January and Tuesday 4 January 2005. Police would like any information about peoples movement in the area during those days.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike ARNERICH, Operation Wellington Investigation Head said, "We have had some excellent co-operation from the local Community and are confident that will continue. Marton is a very small community and the key to solving this brutal killing is in the Marton Community. We look forward to receiving any information about the movements of Mrs MORRISS’ or any person in or around the units at 393 Wellington Road, Marton.

Although there is understandably some concern in the Community at the moment, we have a very strong Police presence in Marton that should reassure the residents".

The investigation team would like any information on sharp bladed instruments that have been located, discarded in the Marton area since Monday 3 January 2005.

Victim Support have been working with the family and local residents, who have been very appreciate of their excellent service.

The MORRISS family are naturally very distressed about the death of their mother, but even so, are providing excellent information to the investigation team and are very supportive of the Police inquiry.

The investigation team has been comprised of staff from Marton, Wanganui, Palmerston, Hawera, New Plymouth, Wellington, Rotorua, Tauranga and Whakatane. They have been supported by ESR and Fingerprint teams from Wellington, along with the Police Specialist Search Group from Wellington. Local Territorial Army staff have also been of a huge assistance in undertaking some of the extensive searches around the exterior scene.


Detective Senior Sergeant

Marton Police Station