Tuesday, 25 January 2005 - 12:00pm |

Operation Wellington team looking for distinctive purse.

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As part of the brutal killing of Marton pensioner Mrs Mona Morriss we are trying to ascertain the whereabouts of a purse used by Mrs Morriss.

The purse is further described as attached.

It was used by Mrs Morriss whilst paying for groceries at the New World Supermarket, at 1.05pm on Monday 3rd January 2005.

The purse has not been found during the scene examination of Mrs Morriss' flat.

It appears to be a very distinctive purse that members of the public may have information about.

I am appealing for any person who may have been recently given, or has recently found, such a purse to contact the Op Wellington team immediately.

Also if there are persons who have observed Mrs Morriss using such a purse to please contact us.

Calls can be made to 0800 4 WELLINGTON (0800 493 554) or visit your local Police Station.

Note the colouring of the purse is similar only. Exact colouring could not be established.

Tim Smith

Detective Sergeant

OC Operation Wellington