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Counties Manukau

Counties Manukau recorded crime down

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Recorded crime has continued to fall in Counties Manukau with an 11.3% reduction recorded during 2004.

District Commander Superintendent Steve Shortland attributed the decline to police numbers being at or over the District’s establishment and the hard work and commitment of staff to reducing crime.

"An injection of 30 new recruits in June 2004 allowed the District to run over its staffing allocation and Area Commanders were quick to take the opportunity to deploy the new members into the frontline. The frontline is an area where the District is required to attend a high number of priority one calls and a major pressure point for Counties Manukau Police."

Mr Shortland says the restructure, which occurred in April 2004, has taken the district forward and by all accounts has been a success.

"The restructuring and commitment of staff to that structure has enabled previous gains in crime reduction to be sustained."

Mr Shortland also praised the efforts of the officers in the District whom he said had worked very hard at making the new structure work and they deserved recognition for their commitment and energy.

"The new structure has provided the opportunity for our officers to take ownership of policing issues and make a difference. The fact they have seized the opportunity is a credit to their commitment and the leadership provided to them at the local level."

Of particular note is the reduction in burglary and motor vehicle crime.

Mr Shortland said the challenge for the future would be to sustain crime reduction.

"This will be done through the continued commitment, hard work and dedication of police to reduce crime with the assistance of our partners. We continue to build partnerships in the community aimed at avoiding duplication and increasing police and the community’s capacity to solve community safety issues."

Western Area Commander Inspector Bruce Bird says outstanding teamwork and commitment from police is a large factor to maintaining the 8.5% crime reduction in his area.

Inspector Bruce Bird says violence has decreased in the Western area and part of the reason for this had been the marked increased in visible patrols, which acts as a deterrent and enforcement of liquor bans in problem areas.

"Operation Manhattan, which targeted alcohol abuse, gave us an opportunity to identify problem licensed premises and take measures to reduce the number of intoxicated persons, which has also had an impact in reducing violence figures."

Inspector Bird said domestic violence is a priority and successful domestic violence intervention in conjunction with partner agencies and community groups was paying dividends.

"We will build on these results - work has already begun on developing a strategy to give better service for victims of domestic violence."

Eastern Area Commander Inspector Neil Adams attributes his area success of a 10.9% decrease in recorded crime, the lowest in four years, to the dedicated staff and a commitment by police to direct resources to problems as they occur.

"The strong links we have with the community through Community Patrols, Neighbourhood support and the commitment from GETBA (Greater East Tamaki Businessmen’s Association) to police, all work towards increasing our success and sustaining crime reduction. The best success we have had is a 29% decrease in commercial burglaries, particularly in the East Tamaki area."

Central Area Commander Inspector Alan Shearer says dedication from police officers in his area to make a difference is reflected in the 12.4% decrease in recorded crime in Manurewa.

"The Central area is constantly looking at the processes we have in place and the level of service to the community. For example we created a burglary taking section to improve service to the community."

Southern Area Commander Inspector Dave Montgomery says a 14% decrease in recorded crime is a reflection of the hard work by police in his area to bring crime down and the ability to direct resources to crime hotspots was also having an effect.

He also attributed the success to a combined effort from partners and community groups as well as police to make a difference and drive crime down.

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