Monday, 30 May 2005 - 7:01pm |
National News

Victims of Feilding homicide named

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The identities of the two elderly victims of the weekend's homicide in Feilding have been confirmed by Police.

They are:

Edward (Ted) Henry James Ferguson, 73 and

Margaret Teresa Waldin, 76.

Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Sheridan said the public response has so far been almost overwhelming with the number of people coming forward with information.

"The investigation has barely got into its stride and we are getting an excellent response from the people of Feilding," said Mr Sheridan.

A team of fingerprint technicians from Wellington have joined the investigation and a further six staff from the Central District will be added tomorrow to the 30 already on the case.

"We will be putting everything into this investigation over the next few days in our determination to find the people or person who committed this heinous crime."