Saturday, 25 June 2005 - 4:01pm |
National News

Travel after the big game

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It is estimated that many of the campervans in Christchurch this weekend will be travelling north for the next Lions match, leading to busy roads to Picton and beyond.

"Visitors should take extra care," says Canterbury Traffic Manager, Inspector Derek Erasmus. "NZ driving conditions are different to the motorways in the UK and the adverse weather this weekend will make it more difficult."

Drivers in campervans, especially when in a convoy, should pull over to allow faster traffic to pass.

Be aware of:
• Ice in shaded corners.
• Wind along the coast and mountain roads.
• Do drive according to the conditions.

Make sure:
• Driver is rested.
• Stop at regular intervals to stretch legs, change driver, have a drink and something to eat.
• Get plenty of fresh air, driving in winter with the heaters on can make the driver drowsy
• Keep windscreens clean inside and out.
• Don't set off before condensation is cleared from inside windows.